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Hadrian temple in Ephesus

Virtual reconstruction of the Temple of Hadrian in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

A building inscription identifies the small temple-like monument on Curetes Street, which was incorporated in the Varius Bath complex, as being ˝in homage to Emperor Hadrian˝. The rendering…

Turkish paper writes about my virtual reconstructions of Ephesus | 2017

I was interviewed by a Turkish paper, Hürriyet about my virtual reconstructions of Ephesus. They present the story of the city and some details of my work.  

Reconstruction of the Agora

Virtual reconstruction of the State Agora in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

The Agora is 160 m long and 58 m wide, with stoas on three sides and an Isis temple in the center, dating from the 1st century A.D….

Ephesus from the air

Virtual reconstruction of the city of Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

Viewed from the bird’s eye perspective you can see the harbour, Harbour Gymnasium, Theater, both Agoras, Olympieion, Stadium, etc. It is estimated that the city had 33,600 to 56,000…

Virtual reconstruction of the Memmius monument

Virtual reconstruction of the Memmius monument in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

It was constructed during the reign of Augustus in the 1st century A.D by Memmius, the grand son of dictator Sulla. One can see the figures of his…

Virtual reconstruction of the Curetes street

Virtual reconstruction of the Curetes street in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

This street took its name from the priests who were called as Curetes later. There were fountains, monuments, statues and shops on the sides of the street. It…

Bird's-eye view of the Temple of Artemis or Artemision.

Virtual reconstruction of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, it was completely rebuilt three times before its final destruction in 401 AD. Only foundations and sculptural fragments of…

Virtual reconstruction of the Celsus library in Ephesus, Turkey | 2016

Tecam, a Spanish publisher asked me to virtually reconstruct the famous Celsus library. The rendering of the library will illustrate the Ephesus part of the book series ‘La aventura…

My reconstruction of the southern gate of the Aquincum legionary fortress is selected for a book cover | 2016

The Aquincum legionary fortress was one of my first virtual reconstruction. The publisher of the book selected the reconstruction of the southern gate overlaid on the photo of the…

Update on the Contra Aquincum fort reconstruction | 2016

A book publisher contacted me to visualize the area of the Március 15.-e square in Budapest in the Roman era. I used my Contra Aquincum reconstruction model and…