Month: June 2015

Virtual reconstructions for the exhibition “Tales of finds” | 2012

Museum researchers – including archaeologists and conservators – have put their favorite finds on exhibit. Client: Aquincum Museum. Antler tool   Lead curse table   Nozzle   Idol head…

Virtual reconstruction of the civil town of Aquincum for the third Chronoscope. | 2012

The Chronoscope is like a telescope to the past. The viewer can observe the south side of Aquincum as it was in the 2nd Century AD. It offers…

Virtual reconstructions for the Aquincum anno – Roman buildings then and now booklet | 2012

Introduction of the booklet: “Many monuments from the legacy of Aquincum, the Roman predecessor of the Capital city are preserved on the city’s territory. Prominent among them is…

Virtual reconstruction of the painter’s house in Aquincum | 2012

Client: Aquincum Museum.

Virtual reconstruction of the Contra Aquincum fort. | 2012

Updated images here. Client: Aquincum Museum, József Beszédes

Virtual reconstruction of a medieval dress | 2012

A women’s wear made around 1660 was found remarkably well preserved under the former Viczay tomb. Client: Hungarian National Museum

Virtual reconstructions for the exhibition “New finds” | 2011

Client: Aquincum Museum.

Virtual reconstruction of the Albertfalva auxiliary roman fort | 2011

The fort was built in the 2nd century AD as part of the roman limes. After the 259/260 AD sarmatian attack it was abandoned. The images were published in…

Mysterious grave with seven skulls | 2011

In 2006 during an excavation in the roman cemetery of Aquincum leading archaeologist Gábor Lassányi found a special grave: one regular burial of an old man plus five…