Virtual Reconstruction of the residential unit 3 of the Terrace houses in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

House of a very rich family. It will illustrate the Ephesus part of the book series ‘La aventura de la arqueología’ from Tecam, RBA, National Geographic.

Terrace house 3

Terrace house 3

The terrace houses now.

The terrace houses now.

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  1. Christine Allen

    Çok teşekkür ederim. Rekonstrüksiyonlarını seviyorum.

  2. Have you seen the Circus Maximus reconstructions? A company has loaded them into a program on a phone. This is put in a VR headset and for 12 euros you can wander around the reconstructed Circus Maximus. There are 11 locations where you stand and look around in the reconstructions. I was at the Terraced Houses last week and that would be a great application of your work.

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