Virtual reconstruction of the Curetes street in Ephesus, Turkey | 2017

This street took its name from the priests who were called as Curetes later. There were fountains, monuments, statues and shops on the sides of the street. It was an important processional way to the Artemision.
The rendering of the street will illustrate the Ephesus part of the book series ‘La aventura de la arqueología’ from Tecam, RBA, National Geographic.


Virtual reconstruction of the Curetes street

Virtual reconstruction of the Curetes street


Curetes street

The Curetes street today.

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  1. Sally Ice

    This really helps to visualise what the town would have looked like originally. Especially with the colour that they used so liberally. We visited Ephesus in 1988 and again in 2013. We saw big differences in the amount of work achieved by the archaeologists.
    This sort of reconstruction by drawings is excellent.

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